A potted plant placed on a small table in front of a glass windowpane.
Bianca lays on the grass looking upward. Only her head and upper chest are viewable.
Bianca and riel rest their heads on each other and look into the camera.
Bianca stands in daylight with her back turned to the lens.
Bianca stands in front of the lens in a blue floral velvet bralette and black high-waisted jeans during Portland Pride 2019.
Bianca closes her eyes to reveal rainbow-colored shadow on her eyelids and blue colored brows for Portland Pride 2019.
Bianca and riel stand close to one another. Bianca is wrapped in a towel, her hair is wet, and she is looking away. riel is wearing a black 2-piece swimsuit, and she is looking at Bianca.
Bianca wears a burgundy velvet top. Her orange hair is wet. riel stands next to Bianca in a grey colored muscle tank.
Bianca is wearing a red and white striped shirt. She sits against a dark grey wall in the sun, holding a bag of ice to her chin. She looks annoyed.
Bianca sits on the front stoop of her apartment building in the sun.
Bianca holds a dead cicada in her palms.
Bianca stands in front of the camera wearing a light rose satin crop top and black shorts. She is on the island ferry, plugging her ears and wincing at the loud air horn.
Bianca stands in front of the mail area of her apartment, checking her mail.
Bianca floats on her back in a pool and supports herself by holding on to the pool edge with both hands.
Bianca wears a black bikini top and strappy high-waisted bottoms. Her stomach scars are visible.
riel holds Bianca in a public pool.
Riel kneels to the pavement in sunlight. A butterfly rests on her shoulder.
Riel rinses Bianca's hair in a public body of water.
Bianca stands in side profile in golden light, against a red brick building.
Bianca and riel sit on the bottom of a nearly empty pool.
Bianca and riel sit side by side on a cement ledge in golden light.
Bianca stands in front of the camera in full-body view.
Bianca stands outside of a small garden enclosure, and riel stands behind her, looking through the sliding glass door.
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