Bianca stands in side profile in the street wearing a puffy winter jacket. A purple-pink sunset fills the sky.
Peach colored flowers and shiny green leaves create blue-hued shadows on the concrete beneath.
Bianca stands at a distance in wet sand in a burgundy bikini top and black shorts. One leg is bent, and she looks toward the ground.
Bianca's footprints in damp, yellow-taupe colored sand.
Bianca sits on a tan couch in a white ribbed crop top and forest green shorts. She's looking at her hands and trimming her nails.
Bianca stands next to an orange lily in bloom, which she holds in her right hand. Her hair matches the lily.
Bianca sits with legs crossed, at a table made for 4, alone. She rests her hands on the table and looks toward a large window.
Bianca sits on a tan couch in a red sweater and hat, holding a tissue. She is emotional from crying.
Bianca stands in an illuminated doorframe with her back to the camera, and the wind blowing through her hair.
Bianca stands at a distance atop a tree-filled banking.
Bianca stands in the corner of a boat in shorts and a silk top, looking outward toward the ocean water. Her arms and back lean against a guard rail.
Bianca sits faced forward in side profile, in a chair with one leg bent, and the other extended, touching the floor.
From an open doorway, one can notice an untidy bedroom marked by disheveled bedding, a bureau full of clothes with drawers left open, and clothes scattered about.
Bianca stands in a doorway in cinematic orange light.
Bianca sits in an open window and pushes the windowpane up with both hands. Orange light shines on her face, neck, and head, which is angled upwards.
Bianca (left) and Mom (right) outside, in motion. Bianca looks down while walking, and Mom looks to her right.
Mom stands in a mauve colored shirt with one hand on her hip, a slight frown, and wide open eyes.
Bianca and Grandma stand in a bedroom with their backs turned from the camera. Grandma is bent forward, opening a box containing fabric swatches.
Bianca's bare legs and feet stepping on dirt in sunlight.
Bianca stands facing the camera in a bikini top and black shorts. She has visible scars on her torso. She tilts her head tilted upward with her arms at her sides, skin glistening from sweat.
Bianca in motion on a rope swing outside.
Bianca leans against a guardrail and bends forward to look at a red cardinal perched atop a fence behind her, a few feet away.
Bianca stands at a distance from the camera in an unkempt parking lot in front a bush of light purple lilacs. She carries a black leather backpack with a sweatshirt tied to one strap.
Bianca rests both elbows at a table illuminated in sunlight. She closes her eyes.
Bianca lay on a couch clutching a heating pad, with her open laptop in front of her. She wears a burgundy velvet shirt.
Bianca stands in the doorway of her room in full-body view. She wears a floral spaghetti strap cami and black jeans. Her facial expression reads as exhausted.
Bianca crouches on a couch in a fetal position with her head near her knees in matching beige colored undergarments.
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