Through the frame of an open door, Bianca stands barefoot in the grass. She has one leg bent and one arm folded over her chest, holding her opposite arm.
Riel sits against a wall facing the camera with her head and eyes tilted down in a square patch of light.
Riel lay on a bed on her stomach, head faced toward the edge of the bed. Bianca sits on the floor in front of Riel with knees bent. The light shines on their faces.
Bianca stands in a moss-covered forest. Her face and shoulders are visible behind a moss-covered rock. Sunlight highlights her hair and yellow-green surroundings.
Mom (left) and Bianca (right) sit backward in chairs, in conversation.
Mom (left) and Bianca (right) sit facing one another in a kitchen, in conversation. Sunlight shines on both of them through a nearby window.
Bianca and Mom are seen through a window facing one another in natural light.
Bianca stands in bathroom wrapped in a yellow towel. She looks at herself in what is assumed to be a mirror.
Bianca sits atop a large rock in a field of yellow foliage from afar. The sky is blue and the sun is shining,
Mom sits at a table and holds her head in her hands in distress. The skin on her face is red.
Bianca holds a brush in her left hand. Her hair appears blurred due to motion.
Bianca sits on the floor in undergarments, next to a discarded shirt. Her knees and arms are in motion
Bianca sits on a velvet couch in a black hoodie with her face looking to her right. Sunlight shines on her bright pink-orange hair and face.
Mom looks to the left, showing her side profile, and bloodshot eye. She has short grey hair and wears a shirt and jacket in different shades of pink.
Bianca stands in the grass with one leg raised amidst walking. Her back is toward the camera.
Bianca stands in an enclosed greenhouse in jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers. She holds a potted plant with both hands. The plant is in bloom with large light yellow flowers.
Bianca and Mom sit at a table together.
Bianca sits knees to chest atop a grassy knoll in the sunlight.
Sunlight shines brightly on a moss-filled forest.
Bianca slouches with her back toward the camera in a periwinkle bralette. Her upper right shoulder shows inflamed blemishes and scratch marks, and a horizontal surgery scar under her shoulder blade.
Bianca reaches her hand across a wicker chair and catches glints of light in her hand. The back of her head and orange hair is blurry due to closeness.
Bianca pushes the glass door of a store as she exits. The viewer sees Bianca through the glass.
Bianca sits against a wall on the floor in a splotch of sunlight with knees bent. Sunlight filters through her vivid red hair. She wears a t-shirt and underwear, with her knees bent.
Bianca lay on an ottoman and stretches her arms upward in sunlight.
Bianca stands facing the camera in front of a window in the morning light.
Riel stands in a foggy field wearing a beanie, and bites into a piece of fruit. The cable release is visible.
Bianca stands in front of a thicket of small pink flowers.
Bianca arches forward in front of a window and reaches toward a phone, which rests in the corner of the windowsill. Her back is to the camera.
Bianca sits in orange light with her legs folded under her. She wears a black bra and grey sweatpants. She sits asymmetrically, stomach folds visible, arms at sides.
Bianca lay in a patch of sunlight on a patterned kitchen floor in a grey shirt and matching joggers with her arms outstretched above her head.
Washing fresh strawberries under a stream of water from the faucet.
Riel walks down a flight of stairs with her back to the camera and extends her arms up over her head to grasp the banister above.
Bianca crouches in front of an open woodstove. Her body is illuminated by the firelight.
Bianca reaches toward her phone to take a photo, which is fastened to a bureau drawer via a portable tripod.
Bianca holds her phone and stands in silhouette in golden light.
Bianca lays on a porch floor in grey sweatpants, a floral velvet bralette, and socks. She covers her eyes with one hand to block the sun.
Patches of purple, white and green foliage covers the ground. The sun shines through in various places.
The back of Bianca's bright pink-orange hair stands out amidst a forest of green.
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