Bianca stands in shadow facing partially toward the camera, looking outward.
Riel stands in shadow facing partially toward the camera, looking outward.
Bianca lays on an unkempt couch with a computer in her lap. The surrounding environment is messy. She is wearing red lipstick.
Bianca (left) sits next to her partner Justin (right), with her head resting on his shoulder, and his face turned toward hers. They are holding both of each other's hands.
Bianca sits on wooden stairs with her elbow resting on her left knee, and arm draped across the other.
Bianca lays on her side with her eyes closed in a bed enveloped in blue-hue blankets. She has red blemishes on one shoulder. The light shines on her bare body and face.
Bianca stands in a patch of sunlight with her eyes closed.
Bianca's bare legs and feet rest on planks of weathered wood. Her ankles show indentations from her socks.
Bianca looks downward in a turquoise tank top under a plastic back brace that covers her entire abdomen.
Riel sits behind Bianca and ties up her haia
Bianca stands in a forest, looking outward, with sunlight shining on her face.
Riel sits at a wooden table with her elbow bent on the table and head resting against her hand. Riel is crying.
Riel lays on a bed with her left hand extended upward near her blue colored hair, and right hand relaxed near her side.
Bianca lays on a bed with her left hand under the pillow that supports her head. She has closed eyes and orange hair.
Bianca slouches on a pillow on a floor in a patch of sunlight, with her back resting against a floral bedspread. She is grimacing.
Bianca pulls down her jeans to reveal a red, purple, and blue bruise on her left butt cheek.
Bianca (left) and Riel (right) sit in a red linoleum hallway, each facing each other with their backs against the walls of the space. Riel looks at Bianca, Bianca's face looks down.
Bianca hugs Riel while wearing a back brace. Riel's face is half-visible behind Bianca's extended arm. Orange light shines on both B and R.
Bianca sits on the edge of a bed with her body bent forward, stomach distended. She wears a velvet floral bralette, underwear, and grey socks.
Bianca stands in the woods with her back to the camera but turns her head toward the lens.
Bianca and Riel hug in a forest. Bianca has to reach up to match Riel's height.
Bianca looks down in yellow-orange light, which reflects on various parts of her body. She wears a grey thin-strapped shirt under a back brace.
Bianca sits on rocks at a body of water and watches her friend, who stands 50 or so feet away in the distance. Both of their backs are facing the camera.
Bianca's silhouette.
Trees through a closed window shining in the distance during golden hour.
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