Riel and Bianca sit facing each other in side profile, in front of a window. The back of Riel's head is visible, as is the front of Bianca's face. Bianca has closed eyes.
Bianca stands in front of a glass-paneled doorframe in backlit light, with her back towards the camera. The red light from her shirt outlines her silhouette.
A close-up, bird's-eye view of Bianca's purple-blue bruised arms rests on a wooden table.
A close-up side profile of Bianca's face. A small tube runs from her nose, across her cheek, and over her ear. The tube is attached to her skin with tape. Her lips are chapped.
Riel and Bianca sit at a table outside, facing one another, an arm's length apart. Riel is reaching with one arm extended toward Bianca's hair.
Bianca stands in side profile in a jean jacket and red sweater facing a white fence. She has one hand on a fencepost, and the other reaching through the fence to touch tiny pink flowers. She wears red lipstick.
Bianca's hand extends between white fenceposts to touch small pink flowers.
Bianca's head rests on the edge of a white sink in a bathroom, with wet hair, in red light.
Bianca sits outside of a bus stop decorated in iridescent glass panels, which reflect different colors in sunlight.
Bianca sits in a wooden chair with her head leaning against a wall. She grips her stomach and leg. Her upper legs and knees show bruises.
Bianca sits with her back toward the camera on large rocks overlooking the ocean. It is sunny. A friend stands far in front of Bianca with arms raised and back turned in neon orange swim trunks.
Bianca lay on a folded blanket on a bed. She faces the camera with her eyes closed. Hands in the top right of the frame hold a lit match and smoldering sage above her.
Bianca lays on the grass in a puffy black jacket with her back toward the camera and her arms extended in front of her as she takes a selfie.
Bianca (left) sits close to Mom (right) on the grass in sunlight. Bianca faces toward the camera with legs loosely crossed and body angled toward her mother. Her mother's back faces the camera.
Bianca holds the edges of peeling tomato skin that rests atop a full container of tomatoes, which rests on a stovetop burner. Only her arms and partial torso are visible.
Bianca lays in a hospital gurney, with an IV port in her hand.
Bianca lays on a concrete block in birds'-eye view in sunlight. She wears a turquoise crop top and shorts, though only her waist up is visile. She has her eyes closed, stomach exposed and wears red lipstick.
Bianca stands at her open mailbox with her hands full of mail, and her back toward the camera. She wears a turquoise tank top and blue shorts.
Bianca faces a window looking outward in a black tank top, holding her stomach. The perspective of the image is from outside looking inward.
Bianca stands in sunlight in front of tomato vines wearing a light brown colored shirt and black shorts. She looks down at the tomatoes she carries in her shirt.
Rows of tomato vines and ripe tomatoes hanging on the vine as well as on the woodchip-covered ground below the vines.
Bianca faces the camera with elbows on a blue table and holds a lipstick-stained napkin in front of her mouth with both hands.
Bianca crouches in a messy apartment holding a pair of underwear with both hands. Her body is painted in sunlight.
Riel faces the camera in sunlight, covering her eyes with her hands.
Bianca stands behind wildflowers, which obscure most of her body.
Bianca pushes a cart full of overflowing laundry in fluorescent light while looking to the left toward a closed window.
Bianca stands in wet sand with her arms relaxed at her sides. She wears a turquoise crop top and shorts and wears red lipstick.
Bianca sits hunched forward at an iridescent paneled bus stop.
Bianca's hands break open a fortune cookie in sunlight.
Bianca faces a closed window and holds a clear glass ball in the light.
Mom displays her open palms.
A bird's-eye view shows a partial view of Bianca's body (left) and her mother's legs and arms (right). Bianca touches the skin pattern on her mother's legs.
Bianca (right) lays on a red couch, touching her face. RIel (left) stands over Bianca with her back turned toward the camera.
Mom stands in front of white and pink flowers, looking down at the ones closest to her.
Riel lays curled up on a matress. Her back is toward the camera.
Light from an open window
Bianca lays with her eyes closed in a bed covered with blue blankets. Sunlight filters through from a window above.
Green colored pond water reflects blue shades of swamp grass.
Riel's feet (left) and Bianca's arms (right) are partially submerged in a rusty container.
Bianca crouches behind wildflowers, which obscure most of her body.
Bianca's body reflected in a storefront window, amidst a couple of branches of flowers.
Bianca looks out of a window. Her reflection is in focus.
Bianca holds in her hand a turquoise stone, which reflects sunlight.
Riel (left) and Bianca (right) stand beside each other looking at a large spider web.
Riel sits knees to chest facing the camera on a floor littered with clothes, with her eyes closed. Orange light shines on her face.
Bianca sits knees to chest facing the camera on a floor littered with clothes, with her eyes closed. Orange light shines on her face.
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